Leyla Anderson, MD, PhD, D(ABMLI)

NeuroVision Imaging Inc.

Validation and Commercialization of a Novel Blood-based, Ultra-multiplex Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) for the Prediction of Cerebral Amyloid Status before Clinical Onset of Dementia

Manu Vandijck


Towards an Easy Plasma pTau 181 Detection Using the LUMIPULSE G Platform

Cecilia Lee, MD

University of Washington

Identifying an Ophthalmic Combinatorial Biomarker of Early Alzheimer’s Disease Using Deep Learning

Thomas Montine, MD & Thanaphong (Joe) Phongpreecha, PhD

Stanford University

Blood-based Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease through Single-Cell Peripheral Immunoprofiling

Diana Kerwin, MD

GAP Innovations, PBC

Validation of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers and Methods of Recruitment of a Racially Diverse Study Population

Qinwen Mao, MD, PhD

University of Utah

 Plasma Pathologic TDP-43 as a Biomarker for FTLD-TDP

Wesley Horton, PhD

Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

Danielle Graham, PhD


Analytical Validation of Neurofilament Light and Phospho-Neurofilament Heavy Biomarkers for Patient Selection in Disease Modifying Clinical Trials for Pre-Symptomatic Familial Frontotemporal Degeneration

Matthew Pase, PhD

Monash University

Plasma Neuroinflammatory Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Dementia Subtypes

Caroline Lustenberger, PhD

ETH Zuerich

EARDREAM–Towards an integral and sensitive neurophysiological risk biomarker for asymptomatic detection of Alzheimer’s disease

Nicklas Linz

ki elements

 PROSPECT-AD–Population-based scReening Over SPEech for Clinical Trials in AD

Zoe Kourtzi, PhD

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases Initiative

Lampros Kourtis, PhD


Rhoda Au, PhD

Boston University

Ihab Hajjar, MD

Emory University

Speech & Language Consortium

Ioannis Tarnanas, PhD

Altoida, Inc

Digital Neuro Signatures to Detect Subtle Alterations in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease: Altoida’s Micro-movements for Preclinical AD

Jennifer Myers, PhD

Neurotrack Technologies, Inc

Rising to the Challenge: Remote Cognitive Assessment for Early Stage Dementia

Christy Sheehy, PhD

C. Light Technologies, Inc

Fixational Eye Motion as a Biomarker for Mild Cognitive Impairment