Susan Rosenbaum for Lauren Sciences LLC

Lauren Sciences LLC

Lauren Sciences developed novel V-Smart® Nanomedicine for AD, LAUR-601 (V-Smart®-BDNF for AD), with innovative V-Smart® Platform, to enable non-brain penetrant biologic, neurotrophin BDNF, as AD disease-modifying therapeutic, become FDA-approved drug for critical unmet medical need of all AD patients, at any stage, extend life and slow down, or reverse, AD. LAUR-601 encapsulates BDNF, is administered non-invasively, crosses BBB, delivers to/releases only in brain, specifically targets to/selectively releases at AD degenerating brain neurons. LAUR-601 is expected to prove effective in pre-clinical AD animal model studies and, thus, advance closer to clinical trials for all AD patients. LAUR-601 will significantly alter all AD patients’ health outcomes and lifespans, as it will lessen symptoms and delay disease progression, thus, provide unique benefits presently unavailable. Furthermore, LAUR-601 can be utilized as sub-platform/matrix for development of additional V-Smart® Nanomedicines for AD with other potential non-brain penetrant AD therapeutic agents.

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