Short Presentations


Access the 2020 Short Presentations here.

Virtual Poster Presentations

Earlier this summer, ADDF invited young investigators (including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early-stage faculty) to submit their work related to drug development for dementia, for the Virtual Poster Presentations. The following individuals have been selected to showcase their work in a 5-minute recording which will be shared with all registrants on October 5.

Aida Adlimoghaddam – St. Boniface Hospital Research
Shreaya Chakroborty, PhD – National Institute on Aging
Sujyoti Chandra, PhD – University of California at Los Angeles
Whitaker Cohn – University of California, Los Angeles
Luke Davison, MS – Transpharmation Ireland Ltd.
Jessica Dennison, PhD (cand.) – University of Miami
Mohamed Elsharkasi, PhD – Glasgow Caledonian University
Chase Garcia, PhD (cand.) – UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Garrett Gibbons, PhD – University of Pennsylvania
Laura Ibanez, PhD – Washington University School of Medicine
Vijaya Kolachalama, PhD – Boston University School of Medicine
Dileep Kumar, PhD – New York State Psychiatric Institute
Anna Mietelska-Porowska, PhD – Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Polish Academy of Science
Jeremiah Pfitzer – Auburn University
Minkyoo Shin, PhD – Case Western Reserve University
Ian Steinke – Auburn University
Lucy Vivash, PhD, MS – Monash University
Cara Westmark, PhD – University of Wisconsin
Angelika Wieckowska-Gacek, PhD (cand.) – Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, PAS

Start-up Forum

ADDF had invited start-up companies working on drug development for dementia to be considered for short presentations during our Start-up Forum. The following companies have been selected to “pitch” their work at our conference’s Forum of October 6:

GraySpace Therapeutics, Saskatoon, SK, Canada (Tara Smith, PhD)

Imaginostics, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US (Codi Gharagouzloo, PhD)

NeuroTherapia, Inc., Cleveland, OH, US (Joseph Foss, MD)

Optina Diagnotics, Montreal, QC, Canada (Shannon Campbell, PhD)

Perha Pharmaceuticals, Roscoff, France (Laurent MEIJER, PhD)

TauC3 Biologics Limited, London, United Kingdom (Daniel Chain, PhD)


Additional companies will make their start-up company “pitches” in digital format:

Alpha Cognition Inc, Charlottetown, PE, Canada (Denis Kay, PhD)
Buto, Davis, CA, US (Gino Cortopassi, PhD)
CaSRevolution, Milan, Italy (Gabriele Grecchi, MBA, MS)
iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber, Oxford, UK (Mehak Mumtaz, PhD)
NEMOZYNE LLC, Seattle, WA, US (Rolland Hebert)
oligomerix, Bronx, NY, US (Jack Pasini, MBA)
Stellate Therapeutics, NY, NY, US (Nicole McKnight, PhD)
Sway Medical, Inc., Tulsa, OK, US (Chase Curtiss, MS)
Unlearn.AI, San Francisco, CA, US (Charles Fisher, PhD)



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